Global Foreign Exchange


Scotiabank Foreign Exchange provides seamless and efficient solutions for trade execution. Our clients are able to transact with us through traditional phone dealing and a variety of electronic channels. 

Phone Dealing

Our global team provides dedicated pricing, execution and order management services from Sunday at 5:00pm ET / 21:00 GMT to Friday at 5:00pm ET / 21:00 GMT.

Electronic Dealing - ScotiaFX™

Scotiabank's web-based foreign exchange trading system, is a state-of-the art electronic dealing site that provides commercial, corporate and institutional clients direct market access. ScotiaFX offers two dynamic solutions depending on the nature of your business and your company’s needs.

  • ScotiaFX – RFQ: is a full service trading application, tailored to clients with annual volumes between $500k and $250m who appreciate the convenience of online trading but benefit from a system designed specifically for the day to day foreign exchange trading and processing needs of commercial and corporate clients.
  • ScotiaFX – SER: is designed specifically for large volume foreign exchange trading clients where speed of execution is the core focus.

Both applications deliver real-time market rates  in major and many emerging market currencies, and allows clients to initiate spot, forward, and swaps with the click of a button.

Multibank Portals

We provide liquidity on a number of multibank dealing platforms.

Please contact us at for further information.