Obtain real-time market rates for approximately 35 major currencies

Ensure information privacy and advanced security through our secure Internet connectivity platform
Assign authorized users with tailored access privileges

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Welcome to the Demo of ScotiaFX, Scotiabank's automated foreign exchange trading system that enables our clients to conduct foreign exchange business over the Internet. ScotiaFX makes global foreign exchange dealing fast, easy and effective

ScotiaFX provides the flexibility and convenience of initiating foreign exchange transactions using live market rates for spot, forward contracts and swaps. With the push of a button, you can eliminate the guess work and see where the market is at any given time during the day.

Obtain real-time currency quotes, monitor rates, transact spot, forwards and swaps in approximately 30 currencies, and review your online transaction history at your desktop. To begin your demonstration of the online dealing capabilities of ScotiaFX click on the start button below.

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